USSSA Senior Softball Point System

Place USSSA Senior World Series USSSA Senior Conference NIT USSSA Senior Qualifier
1ST 1,000 500 200
2ND 750 425 170
3RD 650 350 140
4TH 550 300 120
5TH-6TH 450 250 100
7TH-8TH 350 200 80
9TH-12TH 250 150 60
13TH-16TH 200 100 40
17TH-24TH 150 75 25
25TH-32ND 100 50 25
33RD-100TH 75 50 25

Any team playing up a division will earn points according to where they finish among their class.

EXAMPLE: 10 team major division tournament; seven teams are Major and three are AAA. Bracket is played out as open division, but team placings/points will be set by class. AAA teams receive points based on where they finish compared to the other AAA teams in the division.

Team Classifications

Conference (replacing Major Plus) – top tier (Top 25%)

Major – Next 25%

AAA – 3rd tier

AA – Bottom 25%

Team & Player Statistics

There will be a stats component to USSSA Senior Softball. We will release that information soon! Stay tuned!

Tracking Points (Points Rankings)

Among several other metrics, you will be able to track every team’s tournament results and the points rankings/standings. Those rankings can be sorted by class and by state. See where you stand!

Events Bonus Points Structure

Pool Play Points

  • Teams will receive 10 Points per Pool Flight Game Win
  • Teams will receive 10 Points as the Pool Winner

Bracket Play Points

  • Teams will receive Points per Bracket Flight Game Win (Based on the type of bracket)
    • Additionally, Bracket Points are awarded differently for Championship Bracket game winners and Consolation Bracket Game winners.
    • Byes are awarded as a Bracket Win for Championship/Winner’s Brackets only
  • Bracket Point Structures is as follows:
    • Gold Designated Flights
      • Championship Bracket Game Winners: 15 Points
      • Consolation Bracket Game Winners: 7 Points

Additional Information

  • In-Event Points do not multiply on Double Point Weekends, NIT, WS or any other stature